Monday, March 20, 2017


People are not aware of their abstract emotions,
which are a big part of their lives,
except when they listen to music
or look at art.

Agnes Martin

A woman made utility quilts as fast as she could 
so that her familly wouldn't freeze, and
she made them as beautiful as she could 
so that her heart wouldn't break.

American folk saying

image from April 2012
both quotes from my current journal
glad to be walking on my road again, the ice has gone. 


Mo Crow said...

I love how you think Judy! what an interesting concept, music & art as "abstract emotion"... I will have to take this quote away and mull it over for awhile... it's almost an oxymoron as the cool celestial heights of abstract thought feel almost opposite to the fiery passion of emotion...

Ms. said...

Glad you can walk your road again, and glad for Agnes Martin's sensitivity and for the woman who made beautiful quilts so her heart wouldn't break

Carol Wiebe said...

Hands and heart at odds
Practical or beautiful?
Hoping to wed both

Els said...

Art .... like beautiful quilts ... ;-)

Judy Martin said...

I don't know how I think.

I don't know why I put images and words together. Really - trust me - I do not know.

I wanted to put this photo up because to me, it looks like the piece I'm working on. With a wrecked centrre self portrait (a femme-maison a la Louise Bourgeois) with the reaching hairy-ness of those branches - nesting it, growing from it....)....and Agnes Martin -the highest art - with pioneer quilts - the folk art that never ceases to inspire me because of the femme-maison-ness of them - the mother-artist - ness of them -

and the wrecked quality of that house and my body as it limps along the country road in spring

it's all so exhilerating - and it's all too much
it's spring and i am going a bit crazy perhaps

I do not know.
Oh yes, I already said that


Morna said...

Love, love, love this:

she made them as beautiful as she could
so that her heart wouldn't break.

And also your photo - wow.

And also YOU! xo

Nancy said...

Glad for your walking...glad to walk along with you, your word choices and image. Walk well Judy.

Mo Crow said...

love how you "don't know" so deeply! read & listened to some interviews online with Agnes Martin and have come to a closer understanding with her concept of "abstract emotion"
here's a few of her words that I scribbled down-
"the subtle emotions that we feel without cause in this world
the response is completely abstract
our lives are broader than we think"
thank you for leading me down this trail of thought!

wholly jeanne said...

Seems an A+ answer to the question Why do you photograph your work outside in nature . . .